Peace and Plenty is located at the southern end of Great Exuma Island.

The Fishing

Exuma is an archipelago of 365 islands, spread out over 90 miles, south and east of Nassau, on the Tropic of Cancer. The Lodge is mainly about wading the 60 miles of flats nearby, casting in the gin-clear waters, or skiff jumping between the numerous cays. One of the great advantages to fishing from the Peace and Plenty is the incredible choices in terms of where to fish. There are miles and miles of flats on both sides of the island and because of where the lodge is situated, the guides can have you fishing either Great Exuma's untold number of hard packed white sand flats or further south to Little Exumas countless creeks, lagoons and estuaries. Perfectly located on the channel between Great Exuma and Little Exuma, the lodges' location also ensures that the runs out to the flats are short, with some as little as 2 minutes by boat from the lodge. Several of the more productive areas include White Bay, Airport Flat, and Channel Cut.

The average Great Exuma bone will weight between 3-5 pounds with much larger fish available on a regular basis, particularly in the area to the south of the lodge, in Little Exuma. Aside from the spectacular setting and gin clear water, the guiding experience at Peace and Plenty really makes this a wonderful place to fish. The guides are all highly accomplished anglers in their own right and they enjoy teaching and explaining as the day unfolds. If you want to become a better caster or learn how to read the water more efficiently, spend a week at Peace and Plenty Bonefish Lodge. This part of the Bahamas receives very little angling pressure and when you consider the size of the fishing area and the lack of boats and anglers that can be found there, the Peace and Plenty Bonefish Lodge offers one of the most consistent fisheries we know of.

The waters in either direction from the lodge are that mystifying iridescent shade of blue/green that all saltwater fishermen covet. The visual beauty of this area is spectacular and when you combine this beauty with the number of bonefish that you'll find here, makes for one of the best bonefish destinations in the world. A big plus to fishing this destination is that unlike many of the other remote outer islands in the Bahamas that require an overnight in Nassau on the way down and way back, The Peace and Plenty Bonefish Lodge is easy to get to and out of in a single day. Offshore fishing in a larger craft is also available at extra cost, and fly-out seaplane expeditions are similarly possible.

Trip Information

Documents Required

For American, Canadian and EU members, a valid passport good for 6 months after the trip has been completed is required. Please note that the Bahamian Government is very strict about the 6 month stipulation and they've been known to turn anglers away who don't have sufficient time left on their passport.

Boats and Equipment

The fleet of 8 skiffs was custom-made for the Lodge, and they have all the best features of more mass-produced models, like poling platforms and casting decks

Fly and spin casting welcome


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Rates (Login required)

All prices are based on double occupancy – please contact us for single accommodation rates

7 nights 6 days fishing $3,600 USD

6 nights 5 days fishing $3,095 USD

5 nights 4 days fishing $2,580 USD

4 nights 3 days fishing $2,065 USD

3 nights 2 days fishing $1,550 USD


October through June


12 anglers


The Lodge consists of a large, central 2-story inn, built of cedar and stone, with a deck, wrap-around balcony, pool table, satellite TV, a dining room and two bars. The 8 guest suites make up a second building. Each room has two queen beds, air-conditioning, and balcony overlooking the beautiful clear turquoise waters that stretch for miles. The deck features a saltwater pool, barbeque, beach hammocks, and an aquarium. Individual rooms have air-conditioning and hair-dryers, but no phones. The Lodge takes its name from a 1780's British trading ship which brought Loyalist settlers here, after the American Revolution. The lodge is self-contained and everything is centrally located.

Getting There

Several airlines fly daily to Exuma International Airport, including American Airlines out of Miami. A waiting taxi will take you the short trip south to the lodge, once you clear customs. There are also direct flights from Fort Lauderdale (Lynx and Continental), Nassau (Bahamas Air), as well as service from Atlanta, Ga., and Charlotte, N.C.

What's included

  • Round trip ground transportation from Exuma International Airport to the Peace and Plenty Lodge
  • Number of nights accommodations as specified in booking
  • Number of days guided fishing as specified in booking
  • Breakfast lunch and dinner each day
  • Gratuities for hotel staff
  • WiFi
  • Use of recreational gear

What's not included

  • Round trip airfare to Exuma
  • Alcohol
  • Gratuities for guides
  • Fishing gear