In many respects, Cuba is trapped in a 1950's time warp that is difficult to fully comprehend. Old cars rumble by crumbling dilapidated buildings and time has seemingly stood still in this country for nearly 50 years. The remarkable thing about this situation is that these conditions have created a hybrid of circumstances that are absolutely captivating. Cuba is dynamic, unusual, contradictory and just plain fascinating. The culture of this country is absolutely electric. The people are vibrant and friendly, the music hypnotic and non-stop. This beautiful island nation has so much to offer the destination angler and its waters are a fantasy playground of huge bonefish and unspoiled scenery.

The island of Cuba is by far the largest Island in the Caribbean. At 750 miles long, from Pinar Del Rio in the east, to Guantanamo in the west, Cuba is also the most geographically diverse island found in the Caribbean.

A big part of what we do involves the capital city of Havana and we design our trips, whenever possible, so that the city plays a significant role in our guests Cuban fishing experience. This world class city has some wonderful things to see and do and we've spent the last decade developing relationships at some of the finest of these attractions. The sights and sounds of the city are not to be missed. In fact, we believe that our Havana entertainment schedule is equal to the quality of our fishing in Cuba.

When our groups arrive at the airport in Havana, they will be escorted directly to customs and ushered quickly through the Diplomatic Line. Every one of our guests, whether traveling alone or in a large group, will be met as soon as they clear customs, by a member of our team. We then escort our guests to the VIP lounge for a drink, while another member of our team takes care of the luggage. We do this because the Havana Airport baggage handlers are notoriously slow and it can sometimes take an hour or more for all the luggage to be offloaded.

Guests then head to the hotel in downtown Havana in a modern, air-conditioned van or bus, depending on group size. For anglers not traveling with a group, we can create a tailor made Havana itinerary based specifically on your preference. We realize that not everyone has the time to spend an extra day or two in Havana, but we do highly recommend it, when time is not an issue.

Flytreks has access to a fleet of classic American cars from the 1950's. Each car is chauffeured and always plays a key role in making the first night in Havana special and worry free. Prior to dinner, we like to stop at one of the cities' historic bars, several of which are over 150 years old and far off the beaten path. Dining out in Havana is always an event and we have some great restaurants that we've been going to for years. The food can be outstanding in Havana, provided you know where to go!